Meet Sheli

Sheli is an accomplished voice actor that uses the power of bilingualism to help clients reach the fasting growing corner of the market: Millennial Hispanic Americans. For over 10 years, Sheli has lent her voice to commercial projects for broadcast Radio and TV as well as animated series, e-learning programs, toys, audiobooks, podcasts and educational software. 

She has been fortunate enough to collaborate on projects for clients such as: Amazon, Warner Bros Pictures, Maya Toys, Discover Pen STEM books, Univision Communications Inc, CLEP exam,  The Mighty Mouth org, The Younique Foundation, Vodafone Americas, NJ Liberty Science center and many more.


As a native Bilingual speaker in English and Spanish, her voice has no distinguishing accent, making her easily adaptable to any market. Having been born in 1985 aside from being fluent in American English and Latin American Spanish, Sheli also speaks Millennial fluently.


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HOme Studio Capabilities


Røde NT1-A Microphone

Apogee Hype Mic travel mic

UAD Apollo 8 interface

Apple iMac 2015 retina 5k

Soundtreated recording booth

Software/ DAW

Adobe Audition

Logic Pro

Twisted Wave


Skype- @SheliBaezVO

Source Connect 


Located in NYC with access to dozens of professional studios in the tri-state area.

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December 5, 2019

Sheli voices Luis' Mom in new prenatal dental care campaign

October 5, 2019

Spanish dubbing for testimony for Defend Innocence org

September 11,2019

Featured on a podcast for Warner Bros Film La Llorona

March 20,2019

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