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Meet Sheli

Sheli is an accomplished voice actor that uses the power of bilingualism to help clients reach the fasting growing corner of the market: Millennial Hispanic Americans. For over 10 years, Sheli has lent her voice to commercial projects for broadcast Radio and TV as well as animated series, e-learning programs, toys, audiobooks, podcasts and educational software. 

Clients include:  Kroger, Baskin Robbins, Spotify, Purina, Statefarm, Sephora, Amazon, Playdoh, JP Morgan Chase, American Family insurance, Capital One Bank, Hasbro and more



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HOme Studio Capabilities


Neumann TLM 103

Apogee Hype Mic travel mic

SSL2+ Interface

Apple Macbook Air M1

Soundtreated recording booth

Software/ DAW

Adobe Audition

Logic Pro

Twisted Wave


Skype- @SheliBaezVO

Source Connect - @SheliBaez


Located in NYC with access to dozens of professional studios in the tri-state area.

Where you've heard sheli

S1 EP48 Mipi's Monster Mistake l Badanamu Stories l Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

S1 EP48 Mipi's Monster Mistake l Badanamu Stories l Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

Bada and Mat are cleaning the barn while Mipi is engrossed in a book about monsters. After Mat opens the closet, costume pieces fall on him, making him look like a monster. A terrified Mipi puts on his hero wig to confront a monster that isn't what it seems. Download Badanamu ESL™ and start enjoying lessons and educational videos! 『 Google Play Store : 』 『 App Store : 』 Be sure to follow Badanamu social media channels to find out when the next episode will go live! 『 Facebook: 』 『 Instagram: 』 About Badanamu: Badanamu started with an idea to change the world of early learning. Young children can learn and engage with ESL, phonics, and STEM lessons through our educational songs and nursery rhymes. We create high-quality, educational songs for you and your kids to enjoy together. Learn about animals, colors, numbers, and much more! It’s time to embark on a playful adventure full of love and discovery with the cute and adorable Badanamu friends. Social Media: 『 Our Website: 』 『 Facebook: 』 『 Instagram: 』 『 Amazon Store: 』 Playlists: 『 Badanamu Phonics 』 『 Badanamu Compilations 』 『 Badanamu POP 』 Video Tags: #Badanamu #nurseryrhymes #kidssongs #childrensongs #babysongs #funsongs #earlychildhoodeducation #preschool #English #education #phonics #ponytail #ABC
Cafe Aroma commercial
Lex in Into the Portal Season 9: New Dimensions

Into The Portal 

Sheli plays River and Lex on the Elevation Church eKidz podcast,

Into the Portal

Dollar Notes

Chase Bank

Sheli lends her voice to the How-To videos for Chase Bank

Let's connect!

Reach out to me in any method that works best for you

+1 407-883-8863

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