The sound of Sheli-bration!

"Make your copy a Sheli-Bration!"


Her voice is like confetti without the mess.

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Meet Sheli

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Sheli Baez

Sheli was born to perform
— Sheli's Grandmother

Within the last decade, Sheli has lent her voice to commercial projects for Radio and TV as well as e-learning programs. 

 Credits include: Univision Orlando, Telefutura Orlando, UniMas Orlando, WNUE-FM Mega 98.1, Salsa98.1FM, Vodafone Americas

 As a native Bilingual speaker in English and Spanish, her voice has no distinguishing accent, making her easily adaptable to any market. 

However, her background in musical theater and passion for character voices allows her to become what ever persona the client is looking for. 

Whether you need an 8 year old Spanish boy or a middle aged Southern woman, Sheli can...

Turn your copy into a Sheli-bration!

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Featured on a Heart +Hustle Podcast

Sheli got to speak all things Voice acting and entrepreneurship with Angelica and Charisma. Click the image to listen!